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“Managed Service” Approach For Your Projects

BOLD&Digital offers clients a complete solution to deliver their projects on-time and within budget. Our project managers offer not just sector expertise, but global experience on high-profile projects. In addition, with our roots as a governance consulting company, we offer clients a unique understanding of what can go wrong on a project. We identify potential trouble spots on a project before they can develop into problems, and recommend ways to maintain the schedule.

It has been our experience that there are additional Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance indicators used to judge the efficiency and effectiveness of Project Management as a Managed Service (PMaaMS) beyond the individual project measures; these include:

  • Quality and Customer Satisfaction – Count of deliverables which are not accepted at customer sign-off. This indicates effectiveness of quality procedures prior to the sign-off event.
  • Resource Utilization and Demand Management – utilization actual versus utilization estimated; indicates the efficient use of project resources, can also indicate the effectiveness of duration planning processes.
  • Project ROI – actual costs versus projected benefit value. Indicates both cost and benefit planning process effectiveness.
  • Task/Activity Duration Variance – percentage variance for repeating project tasks and activities. Indicates the efficiency of resources for well-known tasks or can indicate duration changes for repeating tasks.

Complex, large-scale projects and programs are unique in terms of their requirements, scope, and priorities.BOLD&Digital’s approach to project and program management is to consider each project as a distinct entity, integrating each component from a holistic perspective. Project and program management is a true collaboration with our clients in order to ensure project delivery is effective, cost-efficient, and innovative from an overarching perspective. We represent your interests throughout all project phases, with our project/program manager overseeing implementation across the planning, design, procurement, developmet, and operations stages.

Our team combines extensive industry experience with best-in-class project management processes, techniques, and tools for success. We develop your delivery strategy, overseeing the planning, organization, and control of the work required to implement that strategy. We then establish an appropriate and effective assurance regime; and identify and address any deviations from the plan as they occur.

Research beyond the business plan

BOLD&Digital provides coaching services in the area of project and program management, in organizations that have lack of skilled project/program resources. We can take on the project management of a project/program or a number of workstreams within the project or assist the current Project/Program Managers with the management of their projects, providing required guidance and advice.

We can assist with the setup and manage the PMO solution, capable of enabling you to articulate and ‘measure’ the progress and performance of your project / programme. We provide services of reviewing, evaluating, and designing a program management office and a framework (covering processes, responsibilities and tools) across the organization to provide control and manage risk.

We help you reduce the risk of program failure by improving practices in change/scope management, issues management, planning, scheduling, resource management, accounting, quality assurance, and communication.

Besides the design, we can staff and assist the PMO with its daily operation and at the same time transfer knowledge to the staff of the organization.

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