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BOLD&Digital is an invaluable partner. Our teams have collaborated to support the growing field of practitioners using collective impact.

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Our IT Search & Selection service line has been founded to bring the very best in candidate matching to our client base across all verticals in Turkey and abroad. Specialising in filling senior niche roles and finding and engaging suitable candidates on our clients’ behalf, BOLD&Digital offers a combination of fifteen years of IT Consulting experience and knowledge alongside deep searching expertise and high quality engagement for all parties during each assignment, to completion and beyond.

We bring an ethical focus to our methodology where we ensure a superior candidate experience, acting as a true representative of our clients’ requirements and maintaining extremely close contact with all concerned during the recruitment process.

With clients across Financial Services, Software, Healthcare/LifeSciences, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and more, we are extremely well positioned to understand candidates’ requirements and desired career paths and match these parameters with our client base. Similarly, we take time to understand and correctly represent our clients’ cultural values to the marketplace, always aware that we are an extension of their brand; noting that we not only represent BOLD&Digital, but our clients’ reputation. In this “candidate’s market”, it is more important than ever to ensure that we, as your recruitment partner, represent you accurately.

IT Personnel Search & Selection in Range of Industries

Travel and Aviation
Business Services
Consumer Products
Banking & Insurance
Energy & Utilities
Transport & Logistics

Senior Level technology people search and selection

The recruitment process can be complex and time-consuming for both clients and candidates, not forgetting expensive.

Harmonising an employers capital needs with the right candidates requires effort and specialist knowledge. We are committed to strategically managing this process by understanding your individual requirements, whilst simultaneously reducing risk and cost.

Through collaboration and integrity our passion for recruiting is simple: finding the right person for the right job.

BOLD&Digital specialises in finding and engaging talented candidates utilising modern technology and innovative searching techniques combined with the ability to assess candidates’ suitability, cultural fit and requirements. This ensures the majority of screening and selection is done prior to submission to clients rather than at interview.

With more than fifteen years of IT Consulting experience in the Turkish Marketplace and beyond, we bring a depth of knowledge, gravitas and a very strong network to our candidates and clients. This allows us to significantly decrease the time to hire for our clients across all sectors.

Looking for staff can be a time consuming, expensive, and often frustrating experience. Naturally you want a good choice of high calibre candidates – and equally you’d like the process of identifying them to be as simple, efficient and painless as possible. What’s more you’d obviously like that process to be cost effective. That’s where BOLD&Digital Search & Selection can really help.

BOLD&Digital is passionate about finding and placing people who are suited not simply to the skills required to do the job but much more importantly, people who share your company’s values, beliefs and passion. In this way you are not simply hiring people who need a job,but people who believe what you believe, will not just work for money but with true drive, enthusiasm and, most importantly, loyalty.

Looking for staff can be a time consuming, expensive, and often frustrating experience. As a bespoke IT consultancy, we’ve been in business for over 15 years, and developed long term relationships with many of our clients. This tailored approach doesn’t just rely on large databases, but searches and locates candidates to fit your specific brief. We’ve successfully placed many talented people in key positions, so it’s no wonder clients come back to us time and again.

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