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General Manager
General Manager, Asset Management Company

Over the past decade, the convergence of an uncertain global economic climate, increased threat of disasters, and spiraling cost of business disruptions have forced organizations to reevaluate risks to the very continuity of their business

What we do

Evaluation of existing BCM capabilities against applicable legal, regulatory, and common industry standards.

Evaluation of the potential and expected outcomes of a disaster event on the business regardless of event type.

Identification of potential cost-effective architecture, structure, tools, and techniques necessary to meet the minimum required recovery capabilities .

Identification and implementation support of appropriate cost-effective resiliency and recoverability for critical IT assets .

Creation and documentation of a set of materials supporting the overall recovery of each critical business process .

Reference Industries in our DR/BC Service Line

Travel and Aviation
Banks & Financial Services
Insurance & Reinsurance
Telecom & Technology

Client challenges and risks

    • Inability to respond to any type of unexpected disaster event, putting personnel, facilities, and finances at great risk
    • Ability to remain competitive and even viable in a worst-case disaster scenario
    • Increasing business uncertainty and marketplace volatility
    • Huge dependence on IT for business and increasingly complex IT architecture
    • Complex globalization (global operations) and business expansion
    • Increasing regulatory landscape
    • Supply chain resilience

BOLD&Digital BCM Consulting Approach

BOLD&Digital BCM Approach

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