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AML Compliace Review

Globalization of trade and advancements in information technology have allowed criminal behavior to shift from the national to the worldwide level in today’s world.
An Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance program integrates everything a firm undertakes to fulfill AML compliance standards, including employee training, KYC regulations, account monitoring, suspicious transaction identification, and desinging internal procedures.
The AML compliance program’s target is to detect, respond to, and eliminate inherent and residual risks connected with money laundering, terrorist financing, and fraud.
An efficient anti-money laundering (AML) compliance program prevents dubious clients and transactions from entering the financial system. Criminals, on the other hand, are continually creating sophisticated money laundering and fraudulent tactics to stay under the radar. As a result, it is critical to have an AML program capable of dealing with new and complex fraud efforts. Otherwise, organizations risk financial and brand harm.

The potential risks and legal obligations of an organization are as follows;

  • Noncompliance with local and global legislation, as well as fines from authorities.
  • Corporate operations might be questionable by regulators.
  • Noncompliance with AML regulations would harm the company’s reputation.

BOLD&Digital can help you

For AML compliance, we provide advisory services such as;

  • Consultation on how to determine the risk levels of customers,
  • Advisory on best methods to be used for the company’s anti-money laundering compliance,
  • Help clients keep up with the latest AML regulations and laws,
  • Help clients to take protective measures against financial crimes,
  • Advisory about the detection and reporting of suspicious transactions,
  • Financial crime prevention training,
  • Designing the KYC process (considering PEPs, Sanctions, Enhanced Due Diligence and Customer Scoring)
  • Gap analysis and benchmarking against industry best practices
  • AML assessments, including reviews of KYC process and adherence to KYC requirements
  • Development of risk rating framework incorporating customer, geography and product risk rating
  • Customer risk rating, due diligence and account monitoring
  • Assessments and independent testing of existing AML transaction monitoring system
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