Turkish Law No. 5651, “Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committe

Law No. 5651 is the legislation for; Regulation of Internet Publications and Suppresion of Crimes Committed by means of Such Publications about the law. Basically this law includes regulations for;

  1. Blocking access to illegal Web sites

  2. Monitoring and prevention of the crimes on the Internet and the law creates accountability for many individuals, institutions and organizations.

Bodies of Accountability according to the Act of 5651;

  • Content Providers : Everyone who shares or creates the data on the Internet

  • Hosting Service Providers: Internet companies those who provide hosting services.

  • Access Providers : Internet access providers (Turk Telekom, Turkcell, Vodafone etc.)

  • Public internet service providers : All environments where public or private access to Internet is available (Private Companies, Hotels, schools, etc.)

  • There are two basic regulations of the law. Some details are defined in these two regulations.

  • Regulation for Public or Common Access Providers: Regulation was published on 1 November 2007 with the number 26687.

  • The regulation and principles about Internet publications: Regulation was published on 30 November 2007 with the number 26716.

The regulation covers all institutions and organizations whether paid or free internet access provided to multiple users through one or more access points. The law addresses two different aspects of Internet services.

a) Institutions and organizations that provides internet access services to keep their business running or for public use.

  • Government Agencies

  • Private Companies

  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Shopping Malls etc.

b) Private companies where providing internet service is an income or the goal of the company’s existence.

  • Internet Cafes

  • Hotels

  • Cafes restaurants etc. where paid use is available

Institutions and organizations providing internet access have below obligations according to the law 5651.

  1. Blocking access to Web pages that they do not have legal content.

  2. Keeping of access logs and records (with time and date stamp)

  3. Keeping IP logs of internal network users.

If the organization has a Web page, the external access log and record keeping structure should be set up.

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