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We are a digital consulting company that offers design and build technology, process and resource services for you from initial sketches to the final construction.
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Our advisors have evaluated risks, controls and/or process issues in hundreds of IT governance projects.
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Founded by Candaş Üçer, a widely-recognised expert on IT governance, BOLD&Digital has worked with the boards and senior management of leading financial institutions, companies and fintechs.

The firm concentrates on improving decision making, organisational structures, controls and incentives. We have worked to assist clients which include some of the largest banks, large multinational companies, private equity firms and their investees, family firms, as well as important development financial institutions and nongovernmental organisations.

BOLD&Digital’s clients benefit from our rigorous analysis of best market practices, regulatory perspectives and research across legal, IT and management disciplines. Our multifaceted approach is reflected in the complementary competencies of our team members.

The success of our services depends on being able to translate a business’s mission and vision into well designed digital processes. BOLD&Digital’s focus is on enabling your governance goals to be met online, and creating a pleasant, engaging experience for your customers. Our success is based on the increased governance awareness of our clients, and improved effectiveness for your business. We are not focused on creating a portfolio of projects that reflects our own brand. At the end of the day, if our clients are the only one who knew about our involvement, that’s okay with us.


Our mission

We are our clients most trusted provider of professional services by consistently exceeding their expectations and bringing the highest value to each relationship that is developed. In pursuit of this Mission and in support of its Values, we:

  • Provide the highest quality service to our clients by combining highly-skilled team members with our proven methodology.
  • Strive to support our projects with the most advanced technology to ensure we take advantage of the efficiency and accuracy that it offers.
  • Consistently improve our deliverables to our clients and add value to your organization.
  • Forge lasting relationships with our clients by listening and addressing your needs in a manner which will allow you, as well as us, to be successful.
  • Support our employees in a way that learning, growth and recognition for superior performance.

How we work

There is only one word we can use to describe BOLD&Digital: partner. In the truest sense of a high performing partnership, a collaborative environment is created to ensure complete clarity and trust throughout the project.

  • We bring new ideas and unique perspectives by blending business and technology expertise with creativity, logic, and an understanding of your business.
  • We create custom solutions based on client need, industry and desired outcome.
  • We offer local delivery with firm-wide support, working with you to deliver at the “Right Site,” whether on-site at your office, off-site at ours, or a combination of these.
  • We offer role-based consulting, complete project or workstream delivery for large projects.
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We were amazed by how little effort was required on our part to have BOLD&Digital in our Turkish Law KVKK and GDPR compliance programme.

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